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Yujing used to be called "Ta-pa-ni". It was originally the old land of the Silaya tribe "Ta-pa-ni". The three words "Ta-pa-ni" were pronounced "Tapani", which means "famous potatoes".

In 1915, it was the 20th year that Japan ruled Taiwan ’s colony. Under the unjust tax system, legal system, and omniscient police system, there was deep grievances, so Yu Qingfang and others raised anti-Japanese funds in the name of Xilai Temple. The largest anti-Japanese incident since Japan ruled Taiwan broke out in the same year. This historical event is called the "Ta-pa-ni Incident", also known as the "Xi-lai-an Incident" or "Yu Qingfang Incident".

In 2015, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the “Ta-pa-ni Incident”, the Tainan City Government Cultural Bureau renovated the Yujing Sugar Factory Guest House and other buildings, and planned it as the “Ta-pa-ni Incident Memorial Park”, preserving the building and the original natural environment, and giving the idle space a new Look and mission. The park occupies an area of ​​nearly 2,000 square meters. The core of its operation is to display and promote relevant local history and humanities. When tourists come to Yujing, in addition to enjoying the sweet taste of Aiwen mango, they can also learn about the local people through the cultural and historical sites in the park. History.

Tapani Incident Memorial Park